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Usually, those who own homes and businesses do not think much about their electrical panel, except on the occasion that there is a blackout or power outage. Going to flip the fuse box or circuit breaker is usually the only time we may happen to glance at our panels. However, with society’s increasing reliance on high-functioning mobile devices and electronic appliances, many people do not realize that their original electrical panels, even those installed within the last decade, are often no longer capable of handling the enormous amount of power that is required on a daily basis.

When these panels and subpanels become overloaded, they will not only trip more often, potentially damaging sensitive electrical devices but can cause a devastating electrical fire. To avoid these dangerous situations, get in touch with Willow Glen Electric, Inc. as soon as possible. We can offer complete panel upgrades in San Jose and surrounding areas, keeping your property safe and secure.

Contact us now at (408) 665-7431 to learn more about scheduling a check-up of your electrical panels’ health.

Identifying Your Panels & Subpanels

Having a strong, capable electrical panel is essential for any home or business. When your utility line brings in electricity, your panel is responsible for carefully controlling this energy and appropriately distributing it throughout your property by the means of secure circuits. Circuit breakers manage just how much electrical energy is allotted for distinct circuits.

Subpanels work in a similar manner to main panels, also dispersing currents through unique circuits to the rest of your home. However, these are usually located in differing spots, for the convenience of the property owner – typically, they are installed in hallways, storage rooms, or the garage. It is important to know where your panels are located so you can check to see if they are malfunctioning at all.

Warning Signs Your Electrical Panel Needs Replacement

We understand that it can be difficult to arrange home service appointments on account of your busy schedule, but when it comes to electrical panels, time is of the essence. Many homes have tragically caught fire simply because a main panel or subpanel became too overloaded.

Some of the most common signs that your panel should be replaced as quickly as possible include:

  • Repeated tripping of the breaker
  • Constant flickering of lights
  • Your electrical panel feels hot or warm when you touch it
  • There are signs of rust on the panel
  • The fuse box is several years old
  • You notice acrid, burning smells
  • Older panels manufactured by Zinsco, Federal Pacific Electrical (FPE), and Pushmatic

Professional Panel Replacement Services in San Jose

When either your panels or subpanels get too old or are simply too weak to handle the amount of current surging through them, they are liable to trip up or even start a dangerous fire. The brands Federal Pacific and Zinsco, which were once very popular, have especially become incapable of handling the electrical usage of modern appliances and devices. Our experts at Willow Glen Electric, Inc. can safely replace these defective panels and upgrade them with more durable, powerful models.

Call us today at (408) 665-7431 or contact us online for reliable panel upgrades in San Jose and ensure your property's safety.

Why Choose WGE?

  • Fully Licensed & Insured

    Whether you are a homeowner or small business, we are ready and covered.

  • Trained Electricians

    Continuous training keeps our electricians smart and ready!  Industry-leading best practices.

  • History of Excellence

    Since 1987 we have helped over 25,000 satisfied customers!

  • Fair Pricing

    We offer competitive pricing you can trust for the work you need.

    Incredibly, Friendly, and Did a Great Job

    - Marian W.

    Everything was top notch from quote to install to inspection and all of the communication in between. This was **by far** the most effortless electrical work I've ever had done.

    - Andy D.

    Their team was friendly on site and walked through what they were doing and showed me how to get the most out of the charger.

    - Mike C.

    Matt called me back quickly and came out to look at it. He was very nice and professional. He thoroughly checked the breaker and connections and had it working in no time!

    - Lisa A.

    We were kept informed every step along the way. There were no surprises.

    - Shailendra S.
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